Fiction. After a successful robbery to bankroll her escape from a life of prostitution, Tina Martin finds herself stranded — and flat broke — in the most unlikely place, a rustic fishing resort and campground nestled in the Sierra Nevada. And though it’s difficult to shake off the curious habits and natural mistrust of others that she learned in her past life, Tina comes to rely on her good intentions, keen intelligence, and her willingness to take on unpleasant tasks to make herself indispensable to the camp’s proprietor, Bill — and his desperately fractured family.

Called “a crazy cocktail, mixed with mayhem and laughs and a dash of oddball noir” — Joshua Mohr and “an emotional treasure” — Lydia Netzer, TINA GOES TO HEAVEN is an irreverent and madcap coming of age story about a resilient woman’s journey to find a place to finally call home and a debut novel with an uncommonly strong and mature voice.

Lois Ann Abraham is originally from Texas, and currently lives in California with her husband. She is also the author of CIRCUS GIRL & OTHER STORIES

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ISBN-13: 978-0991189588
ISBN-10: 0991189582