Burning the Little Candle - coverTo an outside observer, north Sacramento, California might seem an unlikely place for a creative writing mecca. The fact that American River College is a state-funded, public education community college might make it seem even more unlikely. And yet American River College has drawn some of the area’s most talented creative writers to its halls and has published, for a quarter century, their work in the award-winning American River Review.

Burning the Little Candle, a title borrowed from the poetry of Philip Levine, offers a selection from the work of that creative writing department’s faculty and staff including new and previously published work by Lois Ann Abraham, Aaron Bradford, Christian Kiefer, Shane Lipscomb, John Bell, Traci Gourdine, Jason Sinclair Long, Harold Schneider, Michael Angelone, Michael Spurgeon, Rod Siegfried, David Merson, and Emily Hughes.

As former American River College student (and Jarhead author) Anthony Swofford writes in his introduction, “go now, read these working and teaching artists. And learn.”

Introduction by Anthony Swofford

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